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Will HIPs be suspended This Week?

Rumour abounds that HIPs (Home Information Packs) will be suspended this week (ending 21st May 2010) when Parliament convenes.  See EAT source story.  If this is true 10, 000+ people will be looking for work overnight and the less-than-perfect Conveyancing process will again be thrown into the air! 

However there are no facts to back the rumour up.

True or Not, if you are unsure about buying a HIP this week you should buy one from Fridaysmove under our Unique HIP Abolition Money-back Guarantee!

It is not even clear if the Government has the legal authority to suspend the Home Information Pack and the possibility of a legal challenge has been raised by the HIP Reform Group.

Another confusion-building factor is the status of the EPC – could it remain as a mandatory part of selling a property?  And if so, who will create them once the HIP Industry has been destroyed?

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