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Will the EPC be abolished?

The future of the EPC is still unclear following the results of Thursday’s general elections since the results have resulted in a Hung Parliament with no clear majority.


The Tories and Lib Dems have had a few meetings since the elections to see whether they can form a coalition and at present it seems more likely that it will be a Tory/Lib Dem coalition rather than an alliance between Labour and Lib Dem.


The Tories have wanted to abolish the controversial HIPs pack pretty much since the moment they landed on our doorstep. The Lib Dems have said they wish to keep the EPC part of it and Labour  want the HIP to remain in its entirety, i.e. including EPC’s.


At present HIPs packs, which must include an EPC, are still a legal requirement so must be obtained when the property is marketed. If this changes we will advise you!


EPC and a Conservative / Lib Dem Alliance

The Tories have opposed HIPs and from the start and have not suggested that they are to be replaced with anything else . Having said that the EPC is as a result of an EU Directive so we believe it will be difficult to abolish.   So despite everything, the EPC may well survive! The Lib Dems wish to retain the EPC so perhaps they will stay.


EPC and a Labour/Lib Dem Alliance

This is an easy one as far as the EPC goes. Labour wish to retain the HIP and Lib Dems are in favour of the EPC so whatever is agreed by the parties, the EPC will remain.

We believe that EPCs will remain at least for the foreseeable future since it will take some time to push through any new legislation relating to them if they are to be scrapped or modified.   Also, as EPC’s are part of EU Law they will be difficult to abolish over night!

Fridaysmove can provide you with an EPC

Fridaysmove are able to provide stand alone EPCs for £47 plus vat and will continue to do so until their future is decided. Click here for a quote

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