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In order to ensure your property transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible, your lawyer will need to read components within your HIP.  These will include:

Your Property Information Questionnaire (PIQ) – Your lawyer may want to advise you on completing this document, given the potential legal exposure in completing this incorrectly, before its’ inclusion in the HIP.  

Title Deeds – Your lawyer will want to examine these to ensure they are an accurate representation of the correct propert and its’ ownership.  

Please also note that during the moving process your lawyer may need to re-order some of the component parts within the HIP as their insurance may prohibit them from re-using data. This could mean you may end up paying twice for some of the information contained within the HIP.  By using Fridaysmove HIP providers you have complete assurance that your HIP is compiled in accordance with both PCCB and CLC compliance as well as being fully covered by our professional indemnity insurance provider.


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