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What Do Homebuyers Look for in a Property Solicitor?

When searching for a solicitor, what is it you look for? Reputation? Communication? Trust? We’ve used data from a recent article in Modern Law Magazine to find out just what homebuyers need in a top quality conveyancer, and before you ask – yes we cover all of these at Fridaysmove!


While we all like a bargain and most of us have a budget to stick to, there are often other factors to consider about your conveyancing, above and beyond how much it will all cost.
According to Modern Law Magazine, a survey of 220,000 homebuyers showed that price was only their 5th most important concern when looking for conveyancing services. Far ahead of price were trust and reputation, meaning more than ever before consumers want more than just a cheap fix.

Buying a house is one of the biggest purchases of your life, it would make sense not to scrimp on the legal side of things. An overly cheap conveyancer could end up costing all sorts of expensive problems down the line – but according to the statistics, you already knew that!


The same article discussed how homebuyers usually opt for the conveyancer that offers extra value at the same price as others. It’s a little like choosing between equally priced phone contracts, except one comes with a free laptop – kind of a no brainer then?

When the conveyancing market is flooded with similar deals and horror stories about supposedly cheap conveyancing turning out to cost double the initial quote, it’s little wonder that the promise of a “fixed fee” or a “No Completion, No Fee” guarantee is reassuring to hear.


When analysing complaints from competitor conveyancing firms, Modern Law’s source said that 22% were due to the solicitor not communicating with the client enough.

We can understand this – when you’re going through a purchase as huge as a property, you want to be kept in the loop, which is why we make communication a priority and keep you updated via phone, email, text and instant messaging. You’ll always be able to get hold of one of us and our conveyancing solicitors aim to get back to enquiries within 24 hours, so you’re not left wondering where we’ve gone.

At Fridaysmove, we’re happy to be able to offer all three of these requirements, making us a great choice for your conveyancing. If you’re currently looking for a conveyancing solicitor, give us a call on 0800 038 6446 or get a free instant quote to find out more.

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