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Property Record

Sussex Conveyancing Document Summary – Ryecroft Close Goring-by-Sea Worthing West Sussex BN12

The conveyancing document known as a Land Registry official copy shows the entries on the register of title for properties in the above road.

One property in the above road – a freehold property registered with title absolute – indicates that it is subject to a conveyancing document known as a Conveyance binding the land in this title and other land dated 30 April 1963 made between (1) Percival Pelling Goodwin (Vendor) and (2) Warelodge Properties Limited (Company). The conveyance contains the following covenants:-

Covenant by Company for itself and its successors in title owner or owners for the time being of the land thereby conveyed and any and every part thereof with the Vendor and the owner or owners for the time being of the remainder of the Vendor's land known as Ryecroft Nurseries Goring Road Worthing aforesaid and every part thereof to perform observe and abide by the restrictions and stipulations set forth in the Second Schedule thereto


1. Not to erect more than 25 houses or bungalows on the land thereby
2. Not to erect other than detached or semi-detached houses or bungalows fronting the said roadway coloured Brown on the said plan
3. No building or buildings to be erected on any part of the said land
thereby conveyed should be more than two storeys in height
NOTE: The roadway coloured brown referred to is that known as AlinoraDrive.

A Conveyance of the land in this conveyancing title dated 4 November 1966 made between (1) Warelodge Properties Limited and (2) Kieran Patrick McKenna contains restrictive covenants.

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