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Suspicious water damage exposed in Home Buyers Survey in Farnborough

A number of defects (ranging from serious to minor) have been discovered by a Home Buyers Survey in Farnborough, despite the attempts of the seller to cover them up.  

The Chartered Surveyor who conducted the Building Survey found that the 1987 two-storey, detached home required attention and care that seemed to be currently lacking.

The Home Buyers Survey in Hampshire was impeded by the clutter in certain storage areas possibly hiding defects, however it did find a number of problems relating to:

  • Condensation and mould on various surfaces.
  • Deterioration of soffits and fascias.
  • A defective roof on rear section of the kitchen and garage.
  • Broken guttering which would need patching but not replacing.
  • Rooftop not leaking claims seller in Property Survey in Hampshire

The above mentioned rooftop was of serious concern to the Surveyor. The HomeBuyer Report noted that:

“The flat, bituminous felt roof which covers both the rear section of the kitchen and most of the garage appears to have suffered from splits to the edges and is covered with a fair amount of moss and debris. ” 

The Surveyor noticed water staining below the roof in the kitchen, however the vendor claimed that this was due to a plumbing leak. The Chartered Surveyor was not able to say definitively whether or not the seller was being truthful.  

“Nevertheless, ” reported the Home Buyers Survey in Hampshire, “you should be aware that the flat roof is in need of repair and replacement should be budgeted for within the short term. ”

Flat roofs are typically defective areas on properties of this era because of the common use of poor-quality materials.

Fascias and Soffits pose asbestos risk to buyer, says Home Buyers Survey in Hampshire

The HomeBuyer Report in Farnborough stated that:

“General deterioration was noted, from ground level, to eaves level fascia and soffit boarding. ”

Complicating this repair job was the Surveyor’s observation that the soffits contained asbestos and would therefore be expensive and difficult to repair safely.

With all of these headaches the buyer would have needed somewhere quiet to sit and think. Unfortunately the home was right beside the M3 motorway, offering very little solitude for the client of this Home Buyers Survey in Hampshire to contemplate their decision.

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