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Survival of the HIP Post Election

The result of the elections is set to cause turmoil and confusion regarding HIPs and whether they are to be retained. We have only just got used to HIPs packs after nearly 3 years and we are to be thrown into further chaos if the Tories win the election which, at present, seems likely. The Tories have vowed to abolish the HIPs pack very soon after assuming power. What will they replace them with?  HIPs packs, despite their problems, have assisted the conveyancing process to some extent so will the Tories come up with an alternative or will we revert back to the HIP free days of pre-October 2007?

Exchange Ready Packs have been mooted as a suggestion for an alternative to the HIPs but the Tories have not indicated whether there is to be an alternative. The EPC’s are part of an EU Directive so should stay around even if the HIPs in their present form do not,   but it is unclear what will happen until after the elections. The Lib Dems wish to retain the Energy Performance Certificates but scrap the HIPs altogether.

Fridaysmove are geared up to cater for any eventuality! You will still be able to obtain a HIPs pack or just a stand alone EPC from Fridaysmove whatever the election outcome! Further, if the HIPs pack is taken out by you through us and is subsequently abolished, you will be fully refunded for the cost of the HIPs if your matter completes.

And the important thing is that we are always the cheapest HIP in the UK and, for now at least, we give a 100% Money Back offer if you take Conveyancing from us as well.  This offer will not last for long and we are likely to change it as soon as any new HIP legislation is tabled.

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