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Property Record

Surveyor has no truck with smelly Leyland bathroom

Lancashire factory town Survey reports olfactory assault

A buyer in Lancashire has received a generally positive report from a local Leyland Surveyor – although a foul smell in the bathroom may have turned them off.

The property was well appointed and, said the Surveyor, “in good general and well maintained condition”. The Property Survey in Lancashire returned an almost entirely clean report.

The two-bedroom home was of a traditional cavity brick construction. It was semi-detached and built during the mid-Eighties.

As the assessor conducted the Property Survey he made constant reference to the “sound” condition of the property.

A convenient lifestyle choice, says Surveyor

The Lancashire Surveyor noted that the fantastically located property was at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. The buyer would have access to all amenities and services. Leyland’s town centre was only a five-minute walk away.

Nearby were:

  • Tiddlywinks Preschool
  • Leyland Methodist Junior and Infant Schools on Canberra Rd, PR25 3ET
  • Three supermarkets
  • Leyland Library
  • FX Leisure Centre
  • Three extensive parks

Lancashire’s Mo-Town

The small town of Leyland, population 35, 500, has long benefited from the success of the Leyland Motor Company.  

The local truck and bus manufacturer expanded dramatically between 1950-70 to become a global auto-manufacturing brand. The company (now known as British Leyland) bought other car builders, including BMC, Standard-Triumph and Rover. The employment and commerce the company bought fuelled the Lancashire town's growth into a regional centre. The subject of this Property Survey in Lancashire was built towards the end of this period of rapid expansion.

Surveyor's nose wrinkles at bathroom odour

Unfortunately, when he entered the bathroom the Surveyor’s nose picked up a strong stench coming from the toilet’s drainage. He described it as “foul”.

He noted that this could simply have been caused by stagnant water building up in the system.

However, the Property Survey report urged the buyer to have the situation assessed by a CCTV drainage specialist. This would ensure that there were no serious blockages or other problems with the plumbing.

In spite of the smell, this property was in reasonable condition. However, the Surveyor advised that further investigations of the Lancashire property would clear the air entirely.

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