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Surveyor finds problems top and bottom in Peterborough

Living areas and exterior in fine condition, but under-roof and under-floor are under-done

A Chartered Surveyor investigating a property in Peterborough has discovered a number of issues in the roof and under the floor.

The Property Survey in Peterborough found that the exterior and living areas of the property was in excellent shape. This was a great result for a home that was built at the turn of the last century.

The Surveyor would have thought he was going to have a very easy day at the office, until he lifted himself into the roof space.

Roof space reveals hidden defects

  • The roof tiles had originally been slate; these had since been replaced by concrete tiles. The new, heavier coverings were placing the roof structure under stress. This had not been compensated for in the roofing timbers. The insertion of an inverted A-frame would solve this issue, said the Surveyor.
  • The insulation was of an inadequate thickness. Only 150mm of quilting had been laid. The current standards require insulation of 250mm or more. Improved insulation would save on energy costs, but would represent a significant outlay to install.
  • There was also an issue with the Party Wall that separated the property from its neighbour. The brickwork was incomplete and there was a large gap through to next-door’s roof void. This could allow a fire to pass from one house to the other. Party Walls are subject to the Party Wall Act 1996 and can sometimes cause disputes.

Sub-floor needs to be allowed to breathe, says Surveyor

Unfortunately this Property Survey in Peterborough didn’t end with the roof. The sub-floor was poorly ventilated and, as such, at risk of damp and rot building up in the timber floors. Additional airbricks would need to be inserted.

While this may have seemed like a significant list of defects, the Property Survey still encouraged the buyer to proceed with the purchase. Considering the age of the Peterborough property, said the Chartered Surveyor, it was in a fair condition.

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