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Property Record

Survey is a negotiating tool for Mr F in Leigh-on-Sea

Our client, Mr F, was contemplating buying a semi-detached bungalow in the Essex town of Leigh-on-Sea. In order to be sure that the property was structurally sound, he requested that Fridaysmove organise a Home Buyers Survey on the two-bedroom home.

One size Survey does not fit all 

Home Buyers Surveys come in different shapes and sizes and not all of them fit every property.  

As the home was:

  • Of fairly standard construction.
  • Only 47 years old.
  • And showing no obvious signs of wear and tear.

Our customer service team advised Mr F that he could save some money by having a HomeBuyer Report conducted on the property, rather than a more detailed Building Survey.  

Surveyor in Leigh-on-Sea says Mr F will need some expert help

The local Leigh-on-Sea Surveyor who attended the property found some moderate defects that would require a contractor.

In the report he prepared after conducting the Home Buyers Survey in Leigh-on-Sea, he found:

  • At the front door: “The floor to the front porch area slightly undulates and is uneven and we recommend to arrange for the further intrusive inspection to be carried out by a competent contractor and to undertake any recommended works. ”
  • In the roof void: “We noted the felt is torn and missing in areas and we strongly recommend for the roof felt to be repaired. Where large areas exist this may be difficult without stripping the roof covering first. ”
  • In the garden: “We noted the access timber gate to the side of the property is slightly damaged and requires to be overhauled. ”

While these issues were not major works, contractors’ wages can pile up quickly. Mr F would have been glad to receive this news before he went ahead with the purchase.  

He could now have contractors provide quotes for the repairs. Thanks to the Surveyor’s sharp eye, Mr F would be perfectly within his rights to re-negotiate the price of the Leigh-on-Sea property.

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