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Survey Comparison

Choosing the type of property survey you need can be confusing. We are happy to help over the phone, and also have a handy table below.

HomeBuyer Report

This is a clearly laid out and detailed survey on the condition and value of your prospective home, and the most popular survey for homebuyers uncovering defects that could cost you £1000s to rectify.

Building Survey

The most comprehensive survey, typically chosen for older or substantially modified properties. Particularly useful if you plan to renovate or convert the property.

Property Valuation

This is similar to a Mortgage Valuation. Often chosen by cash purchasers, this property survey is useful for anyone seeking a formal property valuation.

Which survey do I need?

Was the property built after 1900?

Is the property of standard construction?

HomeBuyer Report

Building Survey

Property Valuation

Which RICS Survey is right for you?

For a home purchaser looking for a survey of the property
Suitable for new builds, shared ownership, HMRC and legal matters.

Survey Benefits

Identifies possible problems
Can help you negotiate a better property price
Tells you the condition of your property
Helps avoid unexpected costly repairs after you move in
Easy to understand layout so that you can quickly find the details you need
Independent valuation to help prevent overpaying for the property

What the Surveys include

Report from a RICS Qualified Surveyor
Report on construction and condition of property following visual inspection
Clear traffic light rating
Highlights hazards/defects needing urgent attention
Information for your Conveyancing Solicitor
Professional advice on repairs and maintenance
Independent valuation to help prevent overpaying for the property
Building reinstatement costs for insurance purposes
Suitable for properties 1900 to date and standard construction
Suitable for an older or extensively modified building or one in need of modernisation
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