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Property Record

Survey for a clean home in a clean city

Bungalow passes the test in Property Survey in Peterborough 

A two-bedroom bungalow in Peterborough has received a resounding commendation from a Property Surveyor.  

The Chartered Surveyor said the thirty-year-old property was good value:

“We are pleased to advise you that in our opinion this property is, on the whole, a reasonable purchase at the agreed price of £119, 000. "

Trifling repairs in Peterborough Property Survey

Only minor repairs would be required for the Cambridgeshire home to be in excellent health. In particular, the HomeBuyer report pointed to:

  • Some soft timbers in the window frames. This could indicate the onset of rot.
  • Cracked ceiling plaster that would need re-touching.
  • Inadequate ventilation in the lounge, coupled with the presence of an open fire, represented a safety hazard. An air vent would need to be installed.
  • The garage window frame was rotten and needed repairing.

Property Survey home product of Peterborough's building boom

The Peterborough suburb of Westwood, where this Property Survey occurred, boomed during the period 1971-91. Over a twenty-year period, the city’s population grew by 45. 4%. The home was constructed during this time.

Buildings of this era often suffer from subsidence as ever more crowded suburbs turned to brownfield sites in order to find space for new-build houses.  

This home appeared to have avoided this issue. The HomeBuyer Report noted that he site was relatively flat and there were no signs of major structural or foundation movement.

Continuing urban development and a green future in Peterborough

Peterborough has earned a reputation as one of Britain’s boomtowns. This is partly because of an urban regeneration program that placed its economic growth well ahead of the rest of the country for much of the past decade.

This boom has been integrated with a movement towards a greener future. Peterborough is one of four Environment Cities in the UK. It calls itself the country’s environmental capital. The Peterborough Environment City Trust is a local charity that promotes the Cambridgeshire city’s environmental credentials. Their headquarters is in the aptly named Green House, 1st Floor, 4-6 Cowgate, Peterborough, PE1 1NA, phone: 01733 568 408.

A well maintained home with a clean environment. The buyer who ordered this Property Survey in Peterborough would have been very happy to find that they had received a Surveyor’s approval to proceed.

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