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Property Record

Southport flat completes in under 5 weeks. Find out how

Fridaysmove Conveyancing team recently completed on a freehold property in Chambres Road in Southport.  As much as we try to push transactions through in the minimal amount of time, conveyancing can only ever move at the pace of the slowest cog in the machine.

In the case of leasehold flats the slowest cog is often, but not always, the Managing Agents.  Managing agents are required to provide a Managing agent pack of information including the company accounts as well as answering enquiries about future works, service charges, ground rent and so on.  As managing agents are not incentivised, that is to say they get paid (if indeed they even charge a fee) whether the property changes hands or not.

The best advice for any seller is to instruct a solicitor as soon as you go on the market and apply for the pack asap.  This can significantly reduce hold ups down the line.

In the case of this £325, 000 flat, Fridaysmove had acted on the next door property only months before and as such the information supplied by the agent was applicable to this flat also.  This saved hundreds of pounds and weeks off the time with the matter completing in under 5 weeks!

The Estate agent was Entwistle Green from Southport  and the sellers solicitors were specialist Conveyancers in Southport, Tucker Turner Kingsley Wood.

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