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Soggy bedroom mystery solved by Building Survey in London

A Chartered Surveyor has uncovered the hidden reason behind a sodden bedroom corner during a Building Survey in London.

Our client asked a Fridaysmove RICS qualified Building Surveyor to conduct a detailed Home Survey on the Purley property that he was considering for purchase.

When the Building Survey occurred, the buyer would have been dismayed to read reports of:

All these troubling signs were restricted to one corner of the bedroom.

Building Surveyor in South London finds gutter is the cause

During the comprehensive Building Survey (the most detailed property survey), the Surveyor was able to establish that a broken gutter was allowing water to fall onto a bedroom window.

A defective concrete lintel above the bedroom window was allowing ingress to rainwater that escaped the guttering.  It was via this path that the moisture was entering the bedroom.

It was the Surveyor’s opinion that this problem had been continuing for some time and had propagated the visible mould and condensation issues.

The other related issues were less obvious and would need further investigation to rectify.

Building Survey finds that Rising Damp is also causing problems

Not only was the water coming in from the top down, it was also coming from the ground up.

The Chartered Surveyor conducting this Building Survey also discovered that the ground level around the brickwork was too high. This was allowing water to bridge the damp proof course (DPC) that is designed to stop rising damp leaching upwards through the walls.

The Surveyor noted that:

“There is evidence of irreversible moisture movement, which has lead to over sailing of the brick wall at damp proof course level on the east elevation. ”

Moisture testing discovered dampness in many of the London home’s walls.

The Surveyor recommended that the buyer should have a specialist conduct full investigation of this issue and quote for any remedial works that were required.

This homebuyer would have been relieved that they requested our most comprehensive product.

The Surveyor discovered the reasons behind this home’s soggy atmosphere. Fixing these issues would be costly and inconvenient. After this Building Survey in London the client could reasonably request that the house be repaired and dry before they went through with the purchase.

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