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Slipping stacks and dangling sockets in Building Survey in London

One of our clients who ordered a Home Buyers Survey in London has received a timely warning regarding the safety of the property.

Home Buyers Survey in London reports chimneys may collapse

The buyer was warned by the Building Surveyor that the chimneys on the 1890 terrace in Forest Hill were on “a severe lean”. The Surveyor went on to note that there was an immediate risk of collapse. Any new occupier living beneath the teetering stacks would be in danger.

The Home Buyers Survey reported that the London house had settled naturally over its 120-year lifetime. This had caused the destabilisation of the brick chimneys.  

The only remedy for this problem was a costly rebuild of the rooftop structures undertaken by a qualified contractor.  

Sockets hanging from the wall in Home Buyers Survey in London

Adding to this significant defect was a problem with the electrical service. Old homes often have unsafe wiring. This problem had been exacerbated by crude workmanship conducted on the South London property.  

“The electrical wirings where visible, have been poorly clipped and some sockets were broken exposing wiring. ”

This required further investigation and, at the very least, fixing of the sockets that had been left dangling from the walls. Switching on the power before this was done could result in fire.

If an electrical engineer found that the wiring was deficient in its entirety, then an expensive rewire would be necessary.

This London Home Buyers Survey gave the buyer serious cause for concern about the safety of the property. Armed with their HomeBuyer Report, the client was able to request that the seller undertake to make the home secure before purchase.

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