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Showing her age, says HomeBuyer Report in London

Rotting timber, rusting iron and settlement are all common signs of age which have been reported in a Victorian terrace by a Home Buyers Survey in London.

The buyer contacted Fridaysmove to order an assessment on the one-bedroom Wandsworth home. She wanted a Chartered Surveyor to check that the 120-year-old building was still structurally sound and therefore a good investment.

The good news for our client was that the building showed no major signs of instability or serious wear. The home represented value for money and would maintain its resale value.

Victorian homes – buyers beware!

Due to the sheer number of Victorian-era buildings in the London area, we are constantly asking our network of qualified Building Surveyors to evaluate older homes for metropolitan clients.

Old homes represent a challenge to the would-be buyer. The physical beauty of 1800s architecture is a priceless commodity. Unfortunately the cost of maintaining these buildings is far from priceless!

Home Buyers Survey in London is a laundry list of repairs

Even a modest suburban home such as this one in South London, can present the buyer with a catalogue of tasks and repairs.  

When the Surveyor presented this Home Buyers Survey in London, the defects noted were as follows:

  • Cast iron downpipes and guttering corroded
  • Timber in sash windows rotting
  • Wooden soffits and fascias perished
  • Kitchen flooring presented evidence of decay, possibly due to ill-fitted floor covering
  • Internal doors were sticking because of movement in the building’s structure

Each of these problems is common and repairable. The buyer was given an insight into the extent of the restoration work the property required. If she was to proceed with the sale, she would have to factor in not only the expense of these jobs, but the inevitable future work that the property would require.  

By ordering a Home Buyers Survey in London, the prospective homebuyer was given reassurance that the 19th Century terrace was largely sound but also reminded that owning an old home, with the additional time and expense of maintenance, can be a burden on both wristwatch and wallet.  

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