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Shooting from the HIP

Any attempts by The Association of HIP Providers to mount a legal challenge to any efforts by the Conservatives to scrap or suspend HIPs, have been dismissed by Grant Shapps MP, the Conservative Shadow Housing Minister.

In the estate agency magazine ‘The Negotiator’, Shapps states “Once again AHHIP is leading their members up a garden path by asking them to pay yet more money for pointless legal advice. No legal challenge can successfully trump a manifesto pledge and primary legislation. It’s a fact that no parliament can bind a future parliament, and so there will be no legal route to blocking the abolition of HIPs. “

The Association of HIP Providers has sought a £1, 000 contribution from executive members and £500 and £250 from associate and affiliate members respectively, to fund the fight. According to The Negotiator, a payment on account has been made by some members earlier this year to help fund phase one of the campaign. Both rounds of contributions are in addition to members’ annual fees. Fridaysmove will not be making a contribution. The firm’s management have built in plans to cater for HIPs disappearing within a few months.  
I feel that this action (or attempted action) appears to illustrate that the Association of HIP providers are looking down the barrel of a gun.

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