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Shapps says Oven ready HIPs are not for him to EAT


Following on from my blog ‘The press get it wrong when it comes to exchange ready HIPs’,  Shadow Housing Minister Grant Shapps  has advised online estate agency website  EAT ( Estate Agency Today ) that he has ‘no appetite’ for so called exchange ready HIPs (I’m working overtime on puns here!)

Shapps’ office have denied claims made in The Daily Telegraph in a full-page article which stated that the Tories had vowed to abolish HIPs and replace them “with a more oven ready pack”.

The situation was clarified by a spokesman for the Shadow Housing Minister: “We won’t be replacing HIPs with anything compulsory, so in terms of another Pack it’s not going to happen unless the industry brings it forward and it’s voluntary. ”

I would also like to take this opportunity to confirm that the new Fridaysmove HIP product is not going to be launched as ‘Fish and HIPs’!


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