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The Secret to Fast Conveyancing? Email, Email, Email

More often than not, when giving a client a Conveyancing Quote, I am asked the same question:  “How long will the Conveyancing take?” 

Understandably property buyers and sellers are eager to move as quickly as possible.   Of course there are real life reasons why clients are keen to move quickly but even if their home move is not time critical I would still suggest they take speed seriously.

Why?  Because the difference between a fast proactive Conveyancing Solicitor and a slow one can be the difference between a successful exchange and the sale falling through.

I am often asked what tip I would give to a client looking to instruct a Fast Conveyancing Solicitor and people are often surprised at my answer.   Rather than simply advising a client choose a Cheap Conveyancing Quote, my answer is this: “email, email, email”.

Believe it or not, many Solicitors still don’t have email, or if they do they choose not to use it.   This is typically the case with the upper echelon pomposity that can exist at the top of some law firms.   Some still dictate letters to their secretaries!  They use a tape based dictating machine, the tape is attached to the Conveyancing file and it goes to the bottom of a bigger pile in a typing pool.

Two days later, it is typed and posted – add in a little postal uncertainty and you may receive the letter within 4 or 5 days.   What does the letter say?  “please can you send us your passport details so we can proceed with your case” or “Can you please complete the attached Conveyancing forms so we can start working on your matter”.

This is madness – a week has elapsed and nothing has happened. !

The bottom line is that email moves at the speed of light and so should your property lawyer if they care about you getting into your new home.

So whatever you do, when you getting your Conveyancing Quote, don’t just ask if your Solicitor has email, ask if they use it too.

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