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"Hi Zak Thank you for sending us your client feedback form which we have completed as requested. We also wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you. We fully expected a drawn out sale as we know how hard it is to get in touch with our freeholder. When your recommended solicitor told us they had handled the flat next door and they could effectively circumvent that part of the process we were over the moon. Your Solicitor's cunning saved us time and and a few hundred quid to boot! We "

Hi Mark

I was really interested to hear more about your case when I received this email so I spoke to Sarah.  She said that they had all of the information they need from a previous conveyance.  Apparently it is a standard check on their database as quite often they are able to save time and money where they have acted in the block before.

Hope all goes well in your new home

Zak Arden

5 stars Mon 07-May-2012 Conveyancing
Mark Baker

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