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Rooftop repairs urgent, says Chartered Surveyor in Nottingham

A large family home on the outskirts of Nottingham has been subjected to the scrutiny of a Chartered Surveyor. He found some minor defects with the potential to cause major damage.

The five-bedroom home was built in 1989. Our clients, Mr and Mrs B, wanted to ensure that there were no hidden flaws that would surprise them after they made their purchase.

They would have been pleased to read their HomeBuyer Report which gave the Nottingham home a good (if not perfect) mark.

HomeBuyer Report in Nottingham diverts major damage

The major repairs required, said the Surveyor, were a series of remedial repairs to the rooftop. In his Nottingham Property Survey report, he noted that: 

“At the time of inspection the roof coverings did show general effects of wear, age and weathering. There is no evidence of serious water ingress although some repairs are required.

“There is damaged pointing to the ridge, valley and verge details. There is a slipped section of mortar on the roof slope which could fall off the roof and is a hazard. There is a damaged tile on the rear.

“Repairs are now required. You should obtain a report and quotation for the works from a recognised/approved contractor. ”

The repair jobs, although fairly minor, were pressing. Rooftop leaks commonly cause larger complications such as rot and beetle infestation. It would be prudent, urged the RICS Chartered Surveyor, to have these fixed as a matter of urgency.

Similarly, the gutters were showing signs of minor leakages. While in itself this did not represent any major expense, it would need to be fixed in order to stop damage to external joinery and other fittings.

As these problems only represented a minor cost, the Surveyor was happy to commend this property to Mr and Mrs B. The Home Buyers Survey in Nottingham had caught the problems early, thus allowing the buyers to abide by the age old adage that the prevention is better than the cure.

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