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Fridaysmove review from Marcus Stevens

Following the completion of our flat purchase, Fridaysmove deserve to be totally commended for their outstanding efforts.

On the same day the Solicitor was instructed, Fridaysmove pushed things forward rapidly. As the property is a leasehold flat we were informed that the seller would pay and supply a managing agent pack containing service charge details and other factors affecting the running of the building.

Fridaysmove informed us from the start that this was typically the biggest potential hold up in a leasehold transaction as Managing Agents are simply not incentivised to move at any pace.

That turned out to be an understatement and to make matters worse, the seller of the flat (it was later discovered) held off applying to his managing agent for this information for nearly 3 weeks as he didn't want to commit to any financial outlay until he was sure that we had a full mortgage offer.

This was massively compounded by the fact that the managing agent evidently could not care whether we ended up buying the flat or not. After all they get their no doubt marked up service charges no matter what.

What followed was the most painful drawn out nightmare and all at the hand of the managing agents who towards the end became almost contemptuous. They ignored mail, changed their requirements willy nilly, charged an extortionate amount for information and were uncontactable for weeks at a time.

To put this in perspective. We had no property to sell, finances arranged and the seller also had nothing to sell. So there was no chain.

Our offer was accepted on 23 January 2012 and we completed on 17 August 2012. During this exasperating 7 months we felt like we had gone to battle and were it not for Fridaysmove ultimately heroic efforts, we would have pulled out or had a nervous breakdown.

Fridaysmove worked so hard at driving the Managing Agents into a corner so that the agent had to sort things out and it wasn't even their job to do so.

The solicitor said that Fridaysmove have a great deal of leasehold experience and know how frustrating the process can be. At one point they even went over to the Managing Agents office to see if they could speak to someone as they the agent would not answer the phone.

Well all we can say is that it is down to Fridaysmove that we are in the flat we wanted and they have earned my absolute respect and gratitude.

Marcus Stevens

PS. I wanted to name the Managing Agent in question but have been advised against sour grapes but you can email me at [email protected] 


5 stars

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