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Property Record

Rare Building Survey on an 1860s Great Yarmouth Hotel

Before investing in this beautiful old Great Yarmouth hotel, the prospective buyers asked a Chartered Surveyor to conduct a Property Survey on the Victorian-era guesthouse.

Located near the centre of the busy holiday town, the hotel was set back from the North Sea by only one block. The accommodation included 15 rooms and all the fittings that a busy hotel requires.

Great Yarmouth Property Survey offers reassurance to new business owners 

The Great Yarmouth seaside hotel was subjected to a comprehensive Great Yarmouth Building Survey. The Great Yarmouth buyers wanted to discover any flaws that may have lurked beneath the fetching Victorian façade.  

The prospective owners were already facing the challenge of taking on a new business. They wanted to ensure that they were not taking on the additional burden of extraordinary repairs.

Property Survey finds Great Yarmouth lodging to be an enticing prospect

Upon completion of his Property Survey, the Great Yarmouth local Surveyor noted a series of minor defects that would need attending to in time. In general, however, he deemed the property to be in relatively good and well-maintained condition.

Specifically, he noted that: 


  • “The roof structure is not to current day standards” – The roof structure had deflected slightly under the weight of new concrete tiles. The original covering would have been in a lighter slate. Precautionary additional strengthening would be required to stiffen up the roof structure.
  • He found slight dampness within the lower ground floor living accommodation. This was to be expected in an area set below ground level. Specialist damp-proofing work would be required.
  • “The roof space is not fully ventilated. As a result there are signs that some slight condensation has been forming on the underside of the lining felt and timbers beneath the tiles.   Ventilation should be provided to reduce the risk of damp and rot becoming a problem in the future. ”
  • Some of the older outside joinery was suffering from wet rot. This would require replacement.


Working buildings need to be made of stern stuff. This was a rare peek inside a building that had accommodated thousands of people in its 150 years. The Norfolk Chartered Surveyor delivered a glowing report, tempered only by a few recommendations. With the reassurance of this Property Survey in Great Yarmouth, the new business owners could now provide safe lodging for many more seaside holidaymakers.


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