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Property Record

Purchase of freehold residential Property : London, W12 – Conveyancing in Shepherds Bush – exchanged

Conveyance of Freehold Property, Shepherds Bush, Hammersmith and Fulham, West London, W12.

June 2008.

Fridaysmove conveyancing Shepherds Bush team of lawyers were instructed to handle the purchase conveyancing for a freehold for a residential property valued at £740, 000 in West London, W12. Alyson Stevenson was our property lawyer in charge of conveyancing in Shepherds Bush, Hammersmith And Fulham, West London." target="_blank">Hammersmith And Fulham is the local authority for this area. Additional conveyancing questions were rendered on the same day of receiving legal papers. It was discovered there were Planning permissions affecting this property." target="_blank">Barnard Marcus branch covering Shepherds Bush was the estate agent for this property.

Information about Freehold: Outright ownership of the property and land on which it stands. A freehold estate in land (as opposed to a leasehold) is where the owner of the land has no time limit to his period of ownership.

Conveyancing: Conveyancing is the name given to the house moving process where the ownership of a property is ‘conveyed’ from one to another. Work is undertaken by a solicitor or a qualified conveyancer.

If you would like more advice or information regarding conveyancing, then please feel free to contact Fridaysmove team of Conveyancing lawyers, Hammersmith and Fulham, West London, W12.

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