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Purchase of freehold residence : Shirley, Southampton, SO16 – Conveyancing in Southampton –

Fridaysmove 's approved Solicitors for Conveyancing in Southampton were instructed to handle the purchase conveyancing for a freehold for a residence valued at around £178, 000. 00 located in Shirley, Southampton, SO16.

The local authority for this residence is" target="_blank">Southampton Council. Expertly prepared conveyancing enquiries were forwarded within the same day of receiving conveyancing agreement (including Standard Conditions of Sale). Our Land Registry investigations revealed that the registered owners was not the registered owner of the residence . It was critical for us to insist that the registered owners conveyancing solicitor deduced Title.

There was a concerning discrepancy between details of the registered owners as per the conveyancing agreement as against the Official Copies. This was obviously significantly important to clarify as our conveyancing lawyer needed to be sure that the registered owner and the seller on the contract were one and the same. This property was sold under a Grant of Probate and in the circumstances it was important to ensure that all legal documentation relating to the Grant of Probate were in order so that the Land Registry formalities could progress without issue.

The Land Registry documentation revealed that the property was subject to covenants as set out in a conveyance dated 18/03/1968. It was important that we check with the registered owners conveyancing specialist that these had been fully complied with.

Sayrha Elahi was the property lawyer in charge of conveyancing in Southampton, Hampshire, South East England. The estate agent's particulars of sale detailing the registered owners conveyancing specialist was obtained shortly before receiving the conveyancing agreement. The estate agent was the Alexanders branch covering Southampton.

The seller's conveyancing solicitor Southampton was Eric Robinson Solicitors at 4 Carlton Crescent, Southampton SO15 2EY.

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