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Property Record

Property Surveyor tells home buyer that Surrey home has been undervalued

A Surrey village terrace has been investigated by a Home Buyers Survey. The Chartered Surveyor was pleased to report that, in his opinion, the property was worth more than the asking price.  

The Property Survey occurred in the Surrey village of Westcott

This quiet corner of country side is described by Information Britain as: 

“A small village with 2, 000 people, two miles from Dorking and nestling in the foothills of the North Downs. There are several pubs, a shop and a lovely 19th century church. The village is a great base for walking the area and many cross country cyclists used it as a starting point for attacking local Leith Hill. A large Green and dovecote complete the picture. ”

Surveyor impressed by preservation during Home Buyers Survey in Surrey

The Chartered Surveyor noted that the turn-of-the-century property was in excellent condition for its age. His HomeBuyer Report noted that:

“Internally this house is quite attractive, there are many original elements; and apart from the removal of the original wall to the kitchen area the property is relatively intact as originally constructed. ”

However, he urged the buyer, because the house was of an advanced age, they should budget for substantial maintenance and upkeep.

The defects noted by this Home Buyers Survey in Surrey included:

  • A rotten window. The Surveyor said that: “There is absolutely no doubt that the whole of this French window and the frame requires to be replaced. ”
  • High rising damp readings in ground floor timbers. This would need a full investigation by a damp and timber specialist.
  • Poorly maintained, slipping tiles above the kitchen window required immediate repairs by a roofing contractor.

Building Surveyor in Surrey says: Even with due repairs, property is a steal

The Home Buyers Survey valuation placed the property between £460, 000 and £480, 000. The property had been priced at the lower end of this scale (£465, 000), therefore the Surveyor was happy to recommend the buyer proceed to sale. However, they would have to budget for the works outlined by this Home Buyers Survey in Surrey.

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