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Property Record

Property Survey in West Yorkshire raises concerns over extensive extensions

Extensive adaptations to a Batley property have raised concerns in a Home Buyers Survey in West Yorkshire.  

The Building Surveyor considered the 1960s property to be in good structural condition and recommended that the buyer would be well-placed to proceed to purchase.

Extensive adaptations may raise legal issues in Bately Property Survey

The Surveyor harboured some apprehensions regarding the number of extensions and renovations that had been added to the house.

The Home Buyers Survey noted that the extensive list included:

  • “Extension to side elevation, thought to be around 2008/09
  • Extension to rear elevation, thought to be around 2005/06
  • Creation of a ‘through’ living room, date unknown
  • Aperture created from window to open kitchen into extension, date unknown
  • 1x window to side elevation bricked/blocked up, assume with works to side elevation
  • En-suite bathroom installed to what would have been the third bedroom, assume during extension works to side elevation
  • 1x window to en-suite bathroom reduced in height, assume during extension works to side elevation
  • Creation of loft room underway/velux windows installed, current”

The Property Survey report noted that the works appeared to be of a reasonable standard. However, they urged the buyer to be aware that their Solicitor may have to spend extra time ensuring that the improvements “were undertaken with the appropriate Local Authority and statutory consents and approvals”.

There may also, said the HomeBuyer Report, be Party Wall issues concerning the side extension’s shared boundary with the neighbouring property.  

These are the kinds of issues that home buyers are unlikely to spot upon their own investigation. Damp, rot and disrepair are easy to see. Extensions and improvements, however, often hide invisible legal problems.  

This Home Buyers Survey in West Yorkshire gave the buyer some important recommendations which they would have been wise to raise with their Solicitor before instructing them.

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