Retaining Wall

A Retaining Wall is built for the purpose of holding back land. To illustrate, imagine a raised flowerbed with a wall along its perimeter. This Retaining Wall separates the elevated earth of the flowerbed from the 'ground level'. If the wall were not in place then the flower bed would collapse or flop over into the garden. It is in this sense that a Retaining Wall 'retains. '

Features of a Retaining Wall

Retaining Walls should exhibit:

  • The correct bricks - some house bricks may be suitable but not all are.
  • A solid base of clay or stable ground.
  • A Damp Proof Membrane between the earth on the 'high' side and the wall.
  • Weepholes - small channels going through the wall so that moisture in the ground on the 'high' side can be drained.
It is recommended that a professional is consulted for any Retaining Wall that is higher than 1m.