Probate Forms

When applying for Probate an application must be submitted to the Probate Registry office. Your probate forms must be sent to the Controlling Registry Office responsible for the venue where you wish to be interviewed in connection with the Probate application. Click here for a list of venues.

The forms that must be completed in order to apply for Probate are:

  • Form PA1
  • IHT 400 or
  • IHT 205

The PA1 requests information about the deceased, the applicant, the Will, whether the deceased had any joint property and family members of the deceased. It will also ask at which office the applicant wishes to be interviewed.

 If you are completing an IHT 205 form, which is the shorter tax form, then this needs to be submitted along with the PA1 to the Probate Registry office.

If you are completing the IHT 400, the longer tax return, this must be sent to HM Revenue and Customs and any Inheritance Tax (IHT) due on the Estate must be settled. The Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration (in the case of someone who died without leaving a valid Will, i.e. Intestate) will not be granted until any IHT liability has been settled, unless you have opted to pay in instalments (only applicable where property, land and securities are involved).