Pebble Dashing

Pebble Dash is a special kind of render. Whereas common render is applied to the outside of a house with a view to providing a smooth finish, Pebble Dashing aims to create a finish that has a rough or 'pebbled' effect. This is often achieved by including pebbles or shells in the Pebbledash mix, or by adding them after the walls have been treated.

Why Pebble Dashing?

The main reason home-owners choose to Pebble Dash is probably aesthetic: they simply like the look of it. However, there are some practical benefits that ought to be considered:

  • It will improve a building's water proofing
  • It will improve a buildings heat retention
  • It is low maintenance (whilst still appearing decorative)
If you are looking to Pebble Dash your home then don't hesitate to contact a Surveyor and get some professional advice about the procedure.