Mastic Sealant

Mastic Sealant is an adhesive typically applied to window and door frames, bathroom fittings, and cracks in walls. Mastic Sealant is widely used because it has the following properties: 

  • It sticks to nearly every material 
  • It is water-proof 
  • It retains its form in low and high temperatures 
  • It is smooth 
  • It is (usually) non-corrosive 
  • It can be painted over 
Mastic Sealant is not appropriate to use on joints that will move a lot. It will simply become unstuck if it is pushed and pulled too much. However, Mastic Sealant is quite flexible and will last for years if, for example, it is sealing a shower tray to a shower and the weight of people standing on and off the tray creates movement at the join.