Inspection Chamber

An Inspection Chamber provides access to sewers or storm drains, so that maintenance or inspection of the surrounding drain network can be undertaken.

A half-channel pipe within the Inspection Chamber will be open to permit the flow of water to be inspected.

These access points are generally smaller and less deep than manhole covers used to inspect the sewer system, and are commonly located nearer to a property. The chamber may act as a "hub" for several storm or Foul Drains coming from the property, but may also connect to drains from other nearby buildings. This combined flow of effluent and/or surface water may then drain into a public sewer.

Blockages can occur in or near the Inspection Chamber, and where there is any doubt as to the cause or rectification necessary, professional advice should be sought.

Issues requiring repair or maintenance include:


  • Tree roots or other flora growing into the chamber and obstructing the flow of water.
  • Cracks or other damage to the chamber walls or base.
  • Water lying static in the drainage half-channel.
  • Staining of the chamber sides indicating past frequent or seasonal blockages.