A rain Gutter is the narrow trough or channel which surrounds the roof of a house, designed to collect and direct rainwater off the roof.

The Gutter may be built into the roof slope, or a metal or plastic structure attached to, or suspended from, the Eaves or Fascia of the roof.

For some buildings, particularly older properties, the Gutter may be carved into the walls or masonry of the structure.

Maintenance of Roof Gutters

Gutters channel rainwater, and can be easily clogged by leaves or other debris. As such, they must be regularly cleared. If this is not done, and the Gutter becomes clogged, the backed up water can cause significant water damage. Stagnant water also encourages the growth of weeds and grasses, and allows mosquitoes to breed.

A number of systems, including gutter screens, hoods or louvers exist to protect the gutter from this detritus without obstructing the flow of water.