A Gulley is the ground-level point between the Downpipe and drain, used to discharge excess rainwater away from the property.

Gulleys must be regularly maintained to prevent siltage or any build-up of plant-life or debris which may cause the drain to block. Inspecting these after heavy rain can indicate problem areas.

As they often drain into sewers systems, Gulleys may be 'trapped' so that unpleasant smells will be prevented from rising. As such, Gulleys of this type should be part-filled with water, and where this is not the case, further investigation is necessary to identify whether cracks or other damage is causing this water to escape.

Unblocking a Gulley - Maintenance

If a Gulley is slow to drain or is not draining at all, and there is no obvious sign of a blockage, it should be carefully cleaned with drainage rods, whilst wearing heavy protective gloves.

Modern Gulley systems may incorporate a silt trap, which may removed and cleared on a seasonal basis.