Green Building

A Green Building (or Sustainable Building) is a building that is designed (or renovated) with consideration towards its impact on the environment.

Each year, more and more Green Buildings are built. Some ways in which a Green Building may help the environment are:


  • Energy Efficiency – better insulating the property to reduce heat loss/ employing renewable energy sources/ reducing electricity use (i.e. daylighting)
  • Water Efficiency – minimizing waste water with conserving fixtures such as low-flush toilets/ on-site water-recycling facilities
  • Materials Efficiency – use of recycled materials/ use of renewable materials/ materials extracted near the building site so that transportation is minimized
  • Waste Reduction – reduction of waste in construction, which is an enormous contribution to a society’s total waste product/ re-using materials when the building has come to the end of its life (deconstruction rather than destruction)

Green Buildings are the future both in commercial and private property. It remains to be seen just how quickly the revolution will happen but it is anticipated that, in the future, those living in Green Buildings will be subject to generous tax breaks.

A knock-on-effect of this will be that Green Buildings’ market prices are higher than their traditional equivalents.