Eyebrow Window

An Eyebrow Window is a window positioned on an Eyebrow Dormer. Here we use ‘Eyebrow Window’ to refer to the whole structure, as is often convention, although technically inaccurate.  

An Eyebrow Window is positioned on a sloping roof. Like all dormers, it is a structure that protrudes from the slope.

What is so special about an Eyebrow Window?

Eyebrow Windows are distinct because of their ‘Eyebrow’ shape. They have no sides. Instead, the roof curves over them. This gives the impression of a shallow, upside-down ‘U’, or Eyebrow.

Eyebrow Windows were popularized in Boston, USA, during the 19th century by Henry Richardson. Still popular today, they are loved by many for their striking and unconventional curvy style.