Dilapidations Survey

A Dilapidations Survey is a survey undertaken to assess the condition of a property, specifically any damage, or dilapidation, that has occurred to it. A Dilapidations Survey is thorough and will list defects as grave as structural faults in a building and as minute as stained surfaces.

Dilapidations Surveys are carried out in relation to leasehold properties. At the end of a lease, a landlord will obtain a Dilapidations Survey. They may present the findings to the leaseholder, who – depending on how contracts have been drawn – may be required to pay for the cost of any damages.

Likewise, upon acquiring leasehold, a lessee may obtain a Dilapidations Survey to establish all present defects within the property. This should enable them to negotiate contracts and not be punished unfairly in the future for dilapidations they were not responsible for.