Daylighting is a broad term used to describe the implementation of windows or other transparent surfaces that allow natural light into a building. The purpose of Daylighting is to provide natural lighting in rooms, reducing our dependence on electrical lighting.

What are the benefits of Daylighting?

Many people simply prefer the environment of a naturally lit room. Living in a windowless home with electric lights on all day is not a particularly palatable proposition.

The other benefit, which is being given increasing attention, is that Daylighting is energy efficient. By harnessing light from the sun, electricity use is reduced, which is better for your wallet and the environment.

This might sound glib when thinking solely about windows, but other forms of Daylighting are becoming more prominent with a view to reducing energy consumption. Skylighting is one example: this form of Daylighting is becoming practiced more and more, as part of the move towards green buildings.