Building Conservation

Building Conservation describes efforts to preserve the substance and style of a building over time.

The notion of ‘preservation’ is key to understanding Building Conservation, which aims to preserve, or maintain, the original features of a building. For example: 

If the stone walls of a cathedral are deteriorating, it would not be an acceptable solution to replace parts of the wall with modern red brick. A solution must be found to preserve the original stones, and thereby keep the cathedral in its original state.

Provided this principle of preservation is adhered to, any construction and repair methods may be used.

How does Building Conservation affect Home Owners?

The most common way in which Conservation can have an impact on you is if you live in a listed building. In this case, you may be required by law to conserve your home at your own expense. It is not unheard of for people to move into listed buildings without knowing, only to be hammered with Building Conservation costs by their council at a later date.