Bituminous Felt

Bituminous Felt is used to waterproof flat roofs. Roofs of this kind are prone to absorb water because they do not have the natural run-off that is provided by their sloped counterparts.

Bituminous Felt is made up of a mixture of substances, including: 

  • Bitumen - (also called asphalt) - a compound of sticky, water-resistant liquids, it is black in colour
  • Base products - these are pulled through the liquid Bitumen and saturated by it, creating Bituminous Felt 
  • Mineral -small grains that reduce the possibility of the felt catching fire
  • Film - this does not affect the final product but prevents it from sticking to itself when it is transported
Bituminous Felt is usually applied to a roof in several layers. It is a highly durable substance and one of the premier choices for those wishing to waterproof a flat roof.