'Amosite' is the technical name for Brown Asbestos.

Amosite is considered an extremely hazardous form of asbestos with Blue Asbestos being the only type of asbestos considered more dangerous.  Prolonged exposure to Amosite carries a significant risk of developing asbestosis with potentially fatal consequences.

The use of Amosite in building materials is now illegal in almost all countries throughout the world.  However it was historically used as a fire retarding constituent in building materials such as ceiling and roof tiles.  It is also sometimes found encased around hot water feed pipes and boards where thermal insulation is required.

Amosite is still discovered on surveys today!

Amosite is still often discovered during home surveys even today as it products containing Amosite were in use as late as the 1960's.

Sometimes surveyors see attempts to stabilise the naturally 'crumbly' nature of amosite by painting a sealant layer over the top.  This is not a suitable treatment for Amosite due to the serious carcinogenic dangers of inhalation.

If a surveyor does discover Amosite or any other form of asbestos during a survey it will be flagged up as a critical point and an immediate asbestos survey will be recommended to confirm the presence of Amosite or any other form of asbestos.