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Preventing Property Fraud

As a home owner, you may be at risk of having your property stolen, especially if you are not currently residing in it. For many, their home is their most valuable asset; therefore protecting oneself from property fraud is critical. Fridaysmove can help to protect you from such fraud, ensuring you do not become a victim.

There are several methods of property fraud. Typically a fraudster will impersonate a home owner, forging documents in attempts to persuade the Land Registry to transfer the title into their name. In order to raise funds, they will then use the property to raise a mortgage from a bank. Having done this, they will then disappear along with the money.

Properties with no mortgage or with no current resident are being increasingly targeted by sophisticated fraudsters, who may attempt to acquire the title by using a forged transfer or impersonating the owner.

Ensuring your contact details held by the Land Registry are updated is one way of preventing this. If the Land Registry receives an application regarding your property, they may write to you. If they have incorrect contact information, you may not receive this.

In recent months it has become possible to provide the Land Registry with three different addresses, including an email address and an overseas address. If you would like to add an address or update your existing contact details now, please contact Fridaysmove for assistance.

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