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Pod living an innovative addition to city dwelling

Necessity is said to be the mother of invention. And certainly the idea of LIVING inside an empty shopping mall is an inventive one.

But it might also be an innovative, short-term solution to a shortage of suitable housing.

Vivahouse co-living aims to offer flexible, city-centre living for millennials who are looking for something different in their living space.

The company is aiming to start its revolution in London by offering fully furnished designer rooms alongside luxury, shared kitchens and bathrooms. And it has set its sights on unused commercial space in the heart of the city that means users are close to every possible amenity.

Market has changed

Co-founder Rajdeep Gahir told the Telegraph: “There are lots of empty commercial buildings in London now. Developers can’t get financing for projects, and the market has changed so they can no longer just focus on luxury developments.

A typical Vivahouse pod – their first London development near Oxford Street is expected to be up and running next month – will be around 99 sq ft in dimensions and come in a range of designs.

Gahir added: “We can set up sites for less than £100 per sq ft, which is radically cheaper than any alternative, and each pod takes just one hour to assemble. The flat-pack panels can be lifted by two people and fit in a standard service lift, so you can bring them into any space.”

Hunt for ideal home

Pod living is certainly an option for those who want to be close to all the action in a city but are unconcerned both by communal living and a tiny living space.

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