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Phil Spencer endorses new conveyancing service In-Deed

A new conveyancing service called ‘In-Deed‘ was launched today by Rightmove founder Harry Hill.

Funded by 3i, the new company even enjoys a celebrity Phil Spencer Conveyancing Solicitor endorsement.

The ‘In-Deed’ service, announced on ‘This Is Money’, is the brainchild of Mr Hill who, notably, is also the ex CEO of Countrywide.

In-Deed are not in fact a law firm but are an intermediary offering an online quotation and case tracking service from their panel of Conveyancing Solicitors.

Essentially then, they are a service regulator (and not dissimilar to Fridaysmove in that respect) and in a sector that suffers from such vast disparity in service levels, we can only applaud this approach.

Commenting on behalf of ‘In-Deed’ in ‘thisismoney’ today, Mr Hill says that “standards in Conveyancing are simply unacceptable”.   To some extent we agree with Mr Hill, at least insofar as Conveyancing standards are far from guaranteed and home buyers and sellers are really just shooting in the dark when it comes to choosing a Solicitor

Of course the advent of online reviews has introduced a degree of transparency into the mix.   Most of us are well aware that online reviews for conveyancing  (or for any other product or service for that matter) are a combination of exaggerated vitriol, product and service purveyors attempting to dilute this vitriol and, of course, some genuine experiences.   Working out which is which is of course nearly impossible.

So In-Deed certainly seem to be launching with the right messages.   Improving standards in Conveyancing is very much flavour of the month with the Law Society’s own Conveyancing Qulaity Scheme (CQS) only recently launched.   Even mortgage lenders have been getting in on the act by culling Solicitors from their panels in their hundreds over the past 12 months (the criteria for which Solicitors make the cut being mostly unclear).

Fridaysmove, a company that itself manages service levels provided by its member law firms, applaud ‘In-Deed’ for any and all efforts directed towards service improvements in the Conveyancing sector.

Whether the ‘In-Deed’ venture will be successful in delivering on its promises remains to be seen but with the backing and track record that the enterprise appears to have, any success in upping standards can only but encourage others to up their game also.

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