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Phil Spencer and Conveyancing Down Under

With Phil Spencer’s recent antipodean excursion, I’m reminded that we at Fridaysmove get daily Conveyancing interest from the southern hemisphere searching for Cheap Conveyancing Solicitors.

Thanks to our common-law heritage, the similarities between Conveyancing in the UK and down under are considerable. The gulf has widened since the introduction of legislation in 1858, with most property transactions following this newer Conveyancing scheme, but as in the UK, property Conveyancing is still usually undertaken by Qualified Solicitors or Conveyancers. Costs cover a comparable list, such as for title and environment searches, handling of restrictions and covenants etc. . and can quickly spiral out of control if you’re paying your Solicitor by the hour. It’s no surprise that Fixed Fees and similar No Move, No Fee guarantees are readily available in Oz, meaning a better deal for home-movers and making DIY Conveyancing too risky to contemplate for most.

Phil Spencer’s televised visit to Oz has garnered massive viewing figures, which is perhaps unsurprising given the property-obsessed population of the UK. The flat UK property market may have some dreaming of moving abroad, but transactions can be equally expensive in either country. Mr Spencer reports that the city home to the world-famous Opera House is the second-most-expensive to buy in across the globe (comparing incomes and house prices) so it stands to reason that regardless of where you’re buying, reducing move costs is seriously advantageous.

Cheap Conveyancing is crucial to a cheaper move, and hence why smarter buyers and sellers shop for Online Conveyancing Quotes – with just a few clicks, you can find a market-beating Quote for a Locally-experienced Quality Solicitor acting in your best interest.

One final thought; as a property expert, Phil Spencer knows the value of careful research. Many Solicitors may promise “guarantees” and then leave wiggle-room to add Fees later, so for Cheap Conveyancing, whether you are buying in pounds or dollars, it pays to read the small print.

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