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Peaceful village but damp walls for this Property Survey in Norwich

An Edwardian country home valued at £500, 000 has revealed signs of dampness during a HomeBuyer Report in Norwich.

Home Buyers Survey in village that has been blessed by being overlooked 

The subject of the Home Buyers Survey boasted a rich and well-established garden and a quiet, bucolic setting in the village of Hevingham, about 9 miles north of Norfolk’s county town.

Even though it is less than 20 minutes drive from a regional centre, the village of Hevingham remains a sedate corner of the English countryside.  

The 1891 census put the village population at 760. After more than a century of change and growth in nearby Norwich, the Hevingham population hovers just above 1000. The hamlet is, however, well serviced by two public houses – The Fox and The Marsham Arms.

Norwich Home Buyers Survey tests reveal dampness in walls

The Chartered Surveyor harboured some concerns regarding the damp proofing of the country property.  During the Home Buyers Survey, the Surveyor conducted moisture tests throughout the Norwich property and noted that:

“There is dampness at the base of the walls including the rear study, cellar, hall and cloaks. The porch is also suffering some damp and condensation with loose plaster noted. Properties of this type were generally constructed without an effective damp proof course and as such are inherently prone to rising damp. Specialist damp proof treatments are likely to be required. ”

Along with the ineffective damp proofing, the HomeBuyer Report noted that there were leaky gutters allowing water ingress. These would require attention as a matter of urgency.

Moisture in the walls can cause a series of complications including condensation, wet and dry rot, sick building syndrome and wood-boring insect infestation.

It was the Building Surveyor’s opinion that the buyer who ordered this Home Buyers Survey in Norwich would be wise to remedy these issues post-haste – especially as there was evidence of past (and possible present) woodworm activity.


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