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Property Record

Obsolete construction leads to Horsham Property Survey devaluation

Reputation for anti-social behaviour and antiquated construction methods downgrade Horsham Home Buyers Survey valuation

A Building Survey in Horsham has estimated the value of a 1970s home to be around £15, 000 less than the price being asked.

The Chartered Surveyor noted two major factors that influenced the valuation he made in his Home Buyers Survey were:

  • Poor construction practices
  • The area’s high crime rate

Early form of timber construction causes Home Buyers Survey concerns

The Surveyor noted that the former Gatwick Housing Association property was of an outmoded type that often suffered from issues of damp retention. He said that:

“Although the property is likely to have complied with the standards prevailing at the time of construction older forms of timber frame construction are more prone to problems of dampness and condensation. ”

He found one room in particular that gave him concern as it showed worrying moisture levels in the internal walls.  

Anti-social behaviour poisons the well for Home Buyers Survey 

The Property Survey also noted that:

“The area has some reputation for antisocial behaviour etc, this may be due to the prevalence of social housing to some extent. ”

The Horsham area actually has a relatively low crime rate when compared to the national average.  

Statistics include:

  • Robberies per 1000 population: Local 0. 23, National, 1. 85
  • Burglary per 1000 population: Local 2. 59, National, 5. 67
  • Violence against a person per 1000 population: Local 9. 20, National, 19. 97

The assessor who conducted this Home Buyers Survey in Horsham was more concerned about highly localised crime in the property’s vicinity. Thus he was able to use his local knowledge to advise the buyer about the intimate details of their purchase.  

The Home Buyers Survey he returned recommended that the buyer renegotiate the price of the Horsham property.

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