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Not built to an adequate standard, warns Building Survey in Brighton

A Building Survey in Brighton has found that the one-bedroom Victorian flat had been spoiled by a poorly-built rear extension.

The flat, which was ideally located in the centre of the bustling seaside town, had been converted at an unknown date.

The original structure was of a sturdy and well-constructed nature. Unfortunately, a detailed study of the extension revealed a host of problems that lead the Chartered Surveyor to recommend the client avoid the purchase.

Poor construction causes damp in Building Survey in Brighton

The Surveyor noted that the rear extension was showing signs of:

These issues were caused by negligent building practices. For instance, the Surveyor noted that:

  • No provision for ventilating the wall cavities between the outer covering and the timber frame structure
  • Inadequate window fitting
  • Poor damp proofing

Property “unmortgageable”, says Building Survey in Brighton

In making his judgment regarding the condition of the flat and his recommendation to the buyer, the Chartered Surveyor was forced to consider the long-term viability of the rear extension.

“This construction is not up to modern building regulation standards, and the rear wall is likely to suffer seriously from problems of condensation and poor thermal insulation. There are also doubts about its structural integrity. ”

The poor work on the rear extension would pose a problem for resale, said the Surveyor:

“This would definitely put off most mortgage lenders if they were to have carried out a correct survey of the flat. ”

These problems lead the Surveyor to recommend to the client of this Building Survey in Brighton that they not proceed with the sale:

“My fear would be that you buy the property discover problems when you are in occupation and then struggle to sell it later. ”

This Building Survey in Brighton served the client with a timely warning that the old property maxim ‘location, location, location’ should always come with a quality caveat.

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