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Fridaysmove - a national company with the local touch

Add it all up, and the Fridaysmove team represent the knowledge and expertise of over 135 years of Property Sector experience.  Together the team consistently save clients in excess of £100, 000 every month.

Conveyancing Broker of the month
Andy Boast

Congratulations to Andy Boast who in October 2011 saved his clients an unbelievable £36, 417 in Conveyancing Legal Fees for 199 very happy clients.
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Legal Manager


Survey Manager

Tony Lilleystone 

Tony has worked in the private and public Conveyancing Sector for over 35 years as a lawyer and risk manager. Tony has the last word (legally) at Fridaysmove.
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Mike McIntyre

After years as Partner & Head of Surveys at Spencers,  ex FRICS Chartered Surveyor Mike brings 30 years of sector experience to Fridaysmove .
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Chris SalmonChris Salmon   

A Cambridge graduate and experienced legal sector researcher, Chris finds the inside track on the deals not available direct.  
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 Julie Vaughan 

An experienced Conveyancing professional, Julie works closely on the detail, small print and service levels of our legal relationships.
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Alanna NarainAlanna Narain  

A graduate of Toronto University. Alanna is a member of the Canadian and American Law Society and experienced legal sector researcher.  
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Mike ShermanMike Sherman 

A RICS-accredited Building Surveyor, Consultant and co-author of numerous papers on the topic, Mike takes his Surveying seriously.  
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Nina FranzNina Franz  

Nina is a Philosophy graduate turned lawyer.  She is an experienced legal researcher, writer and Executive member of a Language Tuition Society.  
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Customer Services

Darren Cleverley 

With over 10 years experience handling clients, there isn't much Darren doesn't know about finding the best deal.
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 Zak Arden  
Zak Arden is our upcoming star who is already achieving great things.   A natural with a keen eye on saving clients money.
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 Andy Boast  

Our illustrious director and bean counter, Andy's connections in the legal sector will save you a fortune in fees.   Bottom line.
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Lorraine Imhoff 

Lorraine is our head of design and a legal sector specialist with a successful track record of working with blue chip clients.
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 Bruce Clothier 

Bruce heads up our online team and is responsible for delivering enterprise class solutions, integrating the Fridaysmove processes with our.
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Thomas Porhel 

Thomas Porhel is an experienced programmer and marketing expert.   He develops and maintains our in house systems
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