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New hedgehog highways rule in England's housing

Buyers moving into a new-build home will be sharing their space with a hedgehog highway.

That’s the planned outcome of new rules that developers will have to follow when it comes to building new housing estates.

Communities Secretary James Brokenshire says protecting wildlife and habitat will be a priority in new developments.

Specific species protected

Developers will be asked to protect specific species; for example, using hedgehog highways to ensure the spiny mammals can safely move around and installing hollow swift bricks into the walls of new-build homes that allow the birds to nest safely.

House builders will be asked to consider the long-term impacts of their projects from design to construction, including devising innovative ways to help nature thrive, such as drainage areas that create wetlands for birds and amphibians.

Deliver homes for wildlife

Mr Brokenshire said: “Building the new homes this country needs must not come at the detriment of our natural heritage.

“It’s right that as we deliver houses for people, we must also provide homes for wildlife, too, whether that’s for hedgehogs, frogs, newts or birds.”

The Communities Secretary has also asked developers to plant more trees and green meadows for insect life to thrive.

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